Diversity & Inclusion

CoreNet Ohio Kentucky is excited to be on the forefront of improving Diversity & Inclusion in the Corporate Real Estate Industry. While we are delighted to have the first minority female President in our Chapter's history and one of the first nationally, our Executive Board and Leadership recognize there is still much work to be done in the Recruitment & Retention of diverse talent.

Therefore, we seek to partner with members of Academia and diverse student body organizations so that interested undergraduate and graduate students have a pathway to exciting careers in real estate or one of the many ancillary industries.  Since CoreNet and its esteemed members include a vast array of companies from Furniture to Architecture (to name a few), we are confident that we can make significant inroads in improving the number of women and minorities represented by our member companies.

 In order to succeed in our strategic objectives around Diversity & Inclusion, we shall rely upon our strategic partners, suppliers, End Users and other CoreNet Global resources to achieve programming and content which is focused upon achieving our goals in this area.   The response has been resoundingly positive and supportive as we all recognize this is a winning proposition for Employers, Students, Academia, Suppliers, End Users and virtually every area of this phenomenal industry. Diverse thoughts ideas and backgrounds can only elevate the excellence embodied in our industry and amongst our CoreNet Global community.

Contact Soniya.Gokhale@US.Nestle.com for more information about our chapter's work in this area if you'd like to get involved! We seek your collaboration and engagement in this key initiative.