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Member Spotlight
Brad Keller, Director, Workplace Strategy
Humana, Inc.

Brad Keller (LI Profile)
Director, Workplace Strategy
Humana, Inc.

Our newest IKO Chapter Member Spotlight is on Brad Keller, Director of Workplace Strategy at Humana in Louisville, Kentucky. Brad has oversight of Humana’s workplace strategy and customer relationships and leads an organization of teams aligned to develop and deliver enterprise real estate plans. His organization includes customer relationship management, space and occupancy planning, parking management, furniture moves-adds-changes, lease administration, transaction management, enterprise work style program, workplace designs and standards, video broadcasting, audio/visual technology and even Humana Radio. The last three areas are somewhat unique to a workplace strategy team, but they have exciting impacts across the enterprise.

Below is an outtake from our recent virtual conversation with Brad where we discussed his background, his current role and responsibilities, as well as the "ROI" from his membership and activity through CoreNet Global's (CNG) Indiana Kentucky Ohio (IKO) Chapter.

CoreNet Global Indiana-Kentucky-Ohio Chapter: How long have you been at Humana and in your current role?
Brad Keller: I joined Humana in October of 2012. I have been supporting workplace strategy and customer relations since starting at Humana. However, my scope of responsibility has grown from one team, eight years ago, to leading seven different teams now.

IKO: How have current circumstances of the C-19 pandemic affected Humana and its employees?
Brad: Prior to COVID-19, Humana had approximately 18,000 associates who worked from home full-time and about 28,000 associates that worked in facilities. Since March, only 2,000 essential associates have remained in our facilities, while roughly 26,000 associates transitioned overnight to temporary work-at-home status. Over the past eight months, we have helped associates transition to work at home, while also readying our facilities for re-entry with new safety measures and protocols in place.

IKO: How has the pandemic altered your role and corporate real estate?
Brad: Like other companies, the pandemic has required us to think very differently about corporate real estate and support the needs of our associates. Since our workspaces are mostly empty and will likely remain empty for a while, we needed to develop creative solutions to assist associates with workplace needs. This past fall, we launched a very unique concept of outdoor offices in local park settings to allow associates to safely come back together in person with their teammates to collaborate and recharge. It was wildly successful and well received by our associates.

IKO: What does corporate real estate look like in the future as a result of C-19?
Brad: Corporate real estate will likely look very different in the post-pandemic world. With a global workforce learning how to successfully work remotely, corporate workplaces will likely be used to fill the voids that remote work cannot address well, like face-to-face collaboration, mentoring, networking, brainstorming, learning and unplanned casual interactions with teammates. Recently, a workplace leader compared workplaces to dining at restaurants. While we are all capable at successfully preparing and eating meals at home, many people will still opt to dine at restaurants for a break from cooking at home and variety of culinary experiences. Similarly, many employees are able to successfully work from home, but if office spaces are engaging enough, people will be drawn to them to meet unmet needs and for a break from routine.

IKO: Why did you join CNG?
Brad: I joined CNG to learn more about industry best practices and to share ideas and insights with peers at other organizations who are passionate about delivering enhanced workplace experiences.

IKO: How do you interact with CNG and the IKO Chapter?
Brad: We are fortunate to have a teammate who is currently on the board of the IKO Chapter and helps keep us informed. We have participated in out-of-town events, as well as hosted events in Louisville. I have also been fortunate to participate in panel groups with the IKO Chapter.

IKO: What does CNG do for you, and what can CNG do for other professionals?
Brad: CNG helps keep us informed of current workplace trends and ideas, as well as connecting us with thought leaders in the industry.

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